Trailers To A Few Of My All Time Fav Movies

21 04 2007

Running with Scissors

Donnie Darko

Garden State

Almost Famous


Little Miss Sunshine


The Mighty Boosh

20 04 2007

The Mighty Boosh is my latest obsession. It is a British comedy created by Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding who both star in the show as Howard (Barratt) who is a bit of a nerd he claims to be a Jazz Poet and Vince (Fielding) a pretty guy who is obsessed with his hair, cloths/appearance and throughout the show is mistaken for a woman. During the series they dress up as different characters and sometimes look nothing like they do without the makeup.

They write all the songs for the show and they have a MySpace:

The show was a live performance before going on TV. The name for the show came about when Micheal Fielding (also staring in the show as Naboo the Shaman) got told that his hair, which was curly looked like a mighty bush (The ‘bush’ part sounded like Boosh).

They have two seasons with 8 on the first season and 6 on the second. The first season is in a zoo and the second one is in an apartment.

I love the show and recommend to anyone who loves comedy that is a little bit twisted, crazy and doesn’t have much sense that this is the show for you!

For more information and where I got my sorce from: 

 300mighty_boosh.jpg Howard and Vince

The Spirit Of Jazz (Feilding) Vince Talking To A Snake

Naboo Old Greggvinceandhoward.jpg amulet.gif Electro Booshmightybooshpic1.jpg Dancing Really?

boosh_large-774177.jpg  Noel (Sweet)  The Moon (Noel)

Noel       OLd Gregg 2

Vince Naboo TMB Panda thvincegroove9mv.gif Ghost Spider

Vince Love

Robots In Disguise Groove Opening Title

picture6.jpg 6045937.gif

boosh5.jpg thfeather.gif

Dunno ep3.jpg  I’m Old Gregg 9986.jpgboosh7.jpg


Robots  Mighty

“Tundra Rap”- Episode 4 Tundra Season 1

“Love Games”- Episode 5, The Legend Of Old Gregg

Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) Quotes

Naboo Quotes

Season 2- Episode 1 “Call Of The Yeti” running time- 27:38


The New Look To Only Ashes “May Angels Lead You In”

3 04 2007

My border

Anyone who has visited my site before would have seen my old dullish black background. I decided for my blogs one year birthday and for a new start that I was going to try a different look.

This way I can have my own border and people can view my posts without trouble of going through five different folders.

 So to everyone, enjoy.

Friendship…Is Taking The Hits And Still being Friends

18 03 2007


Take your anger out on me

I will not take it personally

And when tomorrow come a new

I will still be there for you



Artwork from Photo’s to Drawing’s

4 03 2007

The following artworks are from pictures I’ve taken and then drawn from looking or found on the internet and then drawn. Others are fromlife drawings and one or two is from imagination.










Drawings Of Random Things

4 03 2007

 These are just drawings of random objects or strange things.

My Watch





Artwork Drawings Of “Me”

4 03 2007

The reason why all the following pictures are of me from different perspectives or ages is because if I screwed it up it was only of me and so I only had myself to be angry at.