Poem: “To Be Seen Heard Spoken”

7 02 2006

“Seen Heard Spoken”

By the old open window,

She sat in the rocking chair.

Rocking ever so slightly,

 Feeling the breeze, breathing the air.

No one knew what she was staring at,

For you see her hands were now her eyes.

Pale and clutching the chair with hope.

Desperately to see out the window she tries.

She couldn’t see the children on the street,

And never knew if it was day or night.

She only knew the world by her hands,

You see she was born without her sight.

She sat their alert and listening,

For the sound she would not hear.

The world was silent around her.

No sound ever came to her ear.

She did not hear the children scream,

Their voices from a different world entire.

She didn’t know they were yelling at her.

Screaming the building was on fire.

The building was warming,

So she went to the creaky door.

She put her hand on the handle,

The fire burst onto the floor.

She felt the smoke burn her lungs,

She ran to the window hurt and weak.

No one heard her cries for help.

  For you see she could not speak.

Then it came to her that she was alone,

No one knew that she was there.

She did the only thing that could be done,

Was to sit back down in her chair.

She rocked backwards and forwards,

Like time had never passed

With a tear on her cheek.

Sitting their like time would always last.

So that is why by the old open window,

She sat in that rocking chair.

Rocking ever so slightly,

 Feeling the breeze and just breathing the air.





4 responses

26 04 2006

You wrote this?

26 04 2006

Yep all these poems are written by me.

26 04 2006

so.. sad… *needs a tissue to wipe her eyes*

26 04 2006

Thanks *hands her a tissue*

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