Journal: This Was ment To Be My First Post…Oh Well

8 02 2006

 For a school activity my class created a blog. I knew there would be a catch and it was that we had to answer questions. So in what was supposed to be my first entry but is my in fact my 3rd I shall publish my first non poetry piece.
My name I don't want to give out so I'll stay with Angelic. I'm 15 years old and in year 9 at a local high school which isn't a dump but some schools are better. I play tenor saxophone for my school band for 2 and a bit years now. I love music my favourite bands are Jimmy Eat World and Something Corporate.
Where I am was one of the questions but I really don't want to say so I'll put it down as a small town, not too small and not a country town where everyone knows each other but it's not busy like the city either. In the winter it's a pretty crap place to be. In summer it's the same but instead of really cold it’s extremely hot! Best weather in my opinion is thunder storms.
Only Ashes as I have already posted descriptions somewhere else will contain my poetry, and links to my poetry website. It will sometimes contain continuous waffling and my ongoing bullshitting. Other times it will have stories, parts of stories and ideas for stories that I never start.
That’s basically it. Not bad for a first entry huh?




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18 01 2007

Not bad at all.

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