Poem: My Family The Dead

11 02 2006

The bombs were dropped.
Two seconds the explosion hit.
Cowering under the table.
Covering our ears we sit.
Unknowing if we were next,
My blood was pumping quick.
As if death was watching me,
Terror that made me sick.

The earth trembled,
My ears pound.
Afraid to open my eyes,
Afraid to look around.

Explosions became louder,
The bombs dropped more near.
A wave of sound and force,
Brought deafness to my ear.

In panic I lay still,
In pain I did not shift.
Scared more wreckage would fall,
A muscle I did not lift.

Forever had passed,
Moved on the planes of war.
With my arm I reach,
To find it there no more.

With a chocking scream,
I stare at my lost arm.
Obliterated up to my shoulder.
My heart racing in alarm.

I look around the rubble,
To notice some pink toes.
I see who they belong to,
My breathing suddenly froze.

My arm no longer concerning,
My mother’s body next to me.
I shook her to wake her,
Her life now ceased to be.

Clouds outside rumbled,
On my skin I felt rain.
The bodies of my family,
Caused my heart great pain.

What used to be my home,
Just a butcher shed.
My home a graveyard.
For my family, the dead.




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