Poem: Forever Forgotten

14 02 2006

The boy

No older than eight

In the deserted park

Sat alone and forgotten

He just sat there

By himself

In the playground

He was silent

The clouds were dark

The day was going

I observed casually

And waited

The people left

He was alone

No one was there

Except him and me

It began to rain

Thunder and pour

Night was advancing

Still no one came

I didn’t know

Whether the water

Trickled on his face

Was rain or tears

His expression strong

His eyes scared

 Looking around

For something, anything

 Rain kept falling

The boy cried

For his mother

Who did not come

I grabbed my umbrella

 Looked up the road

The street light flicked

No cars

I looked back

The boy was staring

At me blankly

His face tear stricken

He pointed

I thought at me

I turned around

My ride was here

I climbed in

And looked outside

The boy still watching


As we drove

Further away

The lonely boy

Began to fade

The boy I saw

Had gone

He waited too long

As he did everyday

For you see

In my time

He does not live

But he exists

 Don’t forget the boy

No older than eight

Reliveing his misery

Alone and forgotten forever




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2 03 2006


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