Thoughts: Constant Bullshit and Blabbering

16 02 2006

I am what I am. To be what I am is nothing special. To exist at all is a gift or a curse. Really how you look at life is part of the way that makes you what and who you are. What I’m talking about is the glass half full stuff. I know its bullshit but it is really an idea. A simple idea that exists in my head that is usually never there and never comes out. To sit here covering my eyes and ears to see what would come into my head that I could write about. You know what I heard, nothing. I saw darkness and I heard silence. For a moment in time I felt like I was deaf and blind. Although I couldn’t think then the idea hit me that was the darkness and the silence and frustration of not being able to imagine the impossible.

Some people say nothing is impossible if that were true then we would all be dead now. My guess is from designing a weapon that is destructive enough to destroy our entire world and the planets next to us.

The thought that humanity will destroy itself is pretty depressing to think that we will be the death of this world. Then there is always the possibility that humanity will come to their senses and not blow ourselves up but mass murder all the people that want to created weapons and turn our world into one mass graveyard.

To kill, create and die. Death itself may not be our demise. Some believe if you are good you’ll go to heaven and if you are bad you will go to hell nothing more nothing less. To be that god or the devil decides your fate.

I do not believe so. Others believe that when we die our souls are recycled into another life like card bored to toilet paper.

That we have many lives and many more to come.

There for we never really die their again cheating the system. When there are no more people for our souls to go to we all get trapped in a sprit world or in reality, die.

I still do not believe this. In my opinion I say that after we die our bodies decompose but our spirits or souls relive our lives over and over in a sort of spiritual time loop.

So I do believe that we see our loved ones again because that makes it easier to accept when you die that there is someone waiting for you on the other side.

Maybe there is not we might just die and then go to be nothingness. I tired to imagine what this world of nothing where you don’t exist and you are dead is like. My mind couldn’t even being to understand or ever imagine what this world is like.

All I keep seeing is the world we live in now. The one where I go to school 5 days a week and the most important thing on my mind is wether I did my homework or not. The land where I share my life with my friends my family and others that I know and care for.

I do not know what life to expect or wether I’ll see these people on the other side one day but the world I share with them now is the one I love the most because they are in it.





2 responses

24 02 2006

hey how r u it’s bels blog here great blog bye xoxo

3 04 2006

There are few things that are scarer in life then death. the only thing that one can sure of is that it will come. It will find everyone at some point.

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