Story: The Never Ending Path To Realization

25 02 2006

I walk alone.

Down a path worn down over time from many people that once were here before me.

The concert blocks go on forever. The wind is strong.

It blows across the fields and teases the long yellow grass.

No houses. Power lines run across and through the fields.

The only thing keeping the outside world from crashing in on me is the barbed wire fence on both sides of the path.

I keep walking.

The sky becomes grey and beings to rumble.

I walk faster.

It starts to rain.

I break into a run.

I run faster and faster, yet never going anywhere.

The rain pounding against my skin like thousands of tiny needles.

I then realize that if I keep running from the rain it will keep chasing me.

I stop and turn around and begin to run the other way.

Soon enough the rain is gone.

I look around to find I was back where I started, at the beginning of the path but facing a new road.




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