The Idea I Stole From Taz

26 02 2006

Just to let people know I stole this idea from Taz.

This is a quick, short list of all the stuff I like and don’t like…. and well… you know that stuff in-between.


My favourite foods there is a whole list of’em.

I really like spaghetti!

Basically all junk food I like.

I have a love for California Rolls (for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it’s sushi).

In year 7 I went through a faze of every day buying a Toffee Apple and in year 8 it was Redskins. I haven’t worked out this year’s fav candy.

Fav Movie
 Where to begin!I swear when we watched Titanic in English I almost cried LOL but I have dignity (I will not allow myself to cry at school).I hate horror movies the worst so far being 13 ghosts. (Gem why did you make me watch that movie LOL)

Speaking of horror movies the first one I saw when I was about 5 was Anacondas but if you want to go really far back the first movie I got scared of was E.T when I was 3 years old (I didn’t like the starting music and I would scream).

My fav kinda scary movies are final Destinations 1 & 2.

I love comedies. I live for them.

Which puts the Umbilical Brothers and Jackass at the top of my list; I also like Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura When Nature Calls.

Songs I Listen To
 Since I don’t know half of the names of the songs I listen to I’ll just list the bands.Jimmy Eat WorldSomething Corporate

Real Big Fish

The Shins

Good Charlotte (Old stuff)

Linken Park

Blink 182

Nickleback (Old stuff/ some new)

Shows I Watch
 FuturamaJackassFamily Guy

South Park



Stargate SG1 and Atlantis


Fav Sports
 Well as most people know I swim for sport so that comes at the top of my list because I’m good at it.I like soccer because when I’m defense all I have to do is kick it away but I really should learn to aim the ball.I was the catcher in softball so I guess I like that one too. Except the mask and knea pads that ended up bruising my legs.

My Friends
 Well I can’t name their names so I’ll just put nicknames down. They know who they are.Honey BTaz

Speedy Gonzales

Seeice (Pronounced See- i-s)


 Too many to count.I have2 dogs Kelly and Sam.

5 tortoises Phil, Bill, Mill, Till and Lill.

2 budgies Mr. Proud and Peat.

2 chickens Avery and Madonna. (3 died just recently by a fox attack. Their names were Scarlett, Lillica and Houdini).

2 ducks Pebbles and Chocolate. (2 Ducks died one a while ago but the other in the fox attack their names were Bubbles and Milo).

50 tropical fish (I’m not naming any of them they are just ‘the fish’).

Last but not the last pet we’ll ever get my cockatiel ‘Pip’. (Also known as ‘Birdie by everyone in my family).

Things I Love To Do Most
 Sleep in!Listen to music really loud and sing and dance when no one else is home.Play saxophone down the backyard.

Muck around with friends.

Make people laugh!

Play computer games and websites.



Well I’ll probably scab another one of these lists sometime but they’re fun to do so you know. LOL and I said it would be short! (I lied!) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!




One response

17 03 2006

I want that Invader Zim animation robotic dog dancing thino-a-ma-jigga!!!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!
Lol, good site by the way angelic, even though you stole MY IDEA!!!
Which I totally dont CARE ABOUT!!!!!!!!!
Nah, seriously, a bt gloomy with ya poems, but you know I really like ’em… I love it… it’s really good.
PLease hand over the animations and nobody will get hurt… DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!
LuV yAs

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