More Little Moving Pictures

31 03 2006

Ball  Funny  

Cool Family Guy 


South Park & Family Guy

31 03 2006

critter Christmas

Family Guy

South Park 3

Family Guy


Family Guy


Cartman & Stan

Wendy & Bay Bay

South Park 2

South Park

South Park 1

Angels and Fairies

31 03 2006






Ebaum’s World

30 03 2006

Third and final site I have to get rid of.

Ebaum's world.

I have only been on this site a few times and like Funny junk it has movies and pictures of funny and amazing stuff.

Example's of stuff they put on the site is the Simpsons intro with real actors and this chick that was so flexible she was described to move like water I saw it I swear she had no spine. It's worth a laugh but some of the stuff is crap.

The link for the site is:

Funny Junk Site

30 03 2006

The second site I have picked to umm how do I say this……well you know the people that work at fast food joints and they have to dress up in those suits and hand out advertisements. I feel like one of those people doing this just no suit.

Funny Junk is a site for people who have a sick sense of humor. They have pictures of funny stuff and also movies. It really depends on what you think is funny and what you think is stupid but I'm sure most people would find the stuff posted on this site funny.

I'm not sure if they have games or not but I'm sure if you look around you'll find something. If the links don't work then yell at the school not me. The two sites I have posted for so far were blocked and I couldn't get a direct link to them.

The site adress is:

Anime Chat Site

30 03 2006

As everyone know's that for school we have to 'sell off' 3 different websites that we like.

We're not even being paid for it.

The first one I have chosen is an Anime role playing site I found about two years ago. If you like to meet people from all over the globe and chat then thats one reason you would like this site.

Another reason is if you like Anime cartoons and like to create characters of your own. You have your own avatar to represent yourself as you want to be seen.

The site is:

My Personal Taste In Music

29 03 2006

The following is all my opinion so the bands I have listed is only what ‘I’ think. I hope you like to read, if not find a different page.

I’ve liked music my whole life. Even when I was a baby I liked music.

There are three different stages of music during my life so far that I have to separate different types of music to my own likings.

There is the music my parents listen to music before the 1990’s.

Music such as the Beatles and The monkeys a real happy cloud 9 sort of stuff.

Then there is the music I had before the year 2002.

This stage of music during my non-teenage years was less catchy and more ‘feel music’ that was in most cases.  This particular time of artists and bands were:

Spice Girls

(Early) Britney Spears

Geri Halliwell

No Doubt

Eiffel 65

Early Blink 182 and too many more other bands and artists to remember.


Now the current stage of music in my life is teen music.

I swear most music in this day and age is not so much hip-hop but my word for it would be ‘fad music’ a song will last a week and disappear if it’s lucky maybe a month. That is why the musicians have to keep coming up with new idea’s every 6 months or so and they burn themselves dry. It almost feels as if when you listen to music especially music on the radio it is recycled and gives off the feeling that it was rushed when it was written and out of 5 songs written by one band or person only 2 will be really good.


Then of corse there are the people that have good music and their music is over publicised and the merchants and people who sell the music and band to the public over do it. So everywhere you look you will see, find and hear that band therefore grown tired of it and then the band is forgotten.

This has happened to a number of bands that I liked:

The Veronicas

Black Eyed Peas

Kelly Clarkson

Delta Goodrem


I have moved on from discovering new music on radio to find music that not many other people know of. I know of this as ‘Underground music’ mentioned in small articles magazines and some movies these bands have real talent and are new and fresh to the world. Although I don’t know what my friends talk about half the time when they talk about music I don’t really care.


Bands I have discovered after stopping listening to the radio:


The Shins

Zero 7

The Espers

Panic At The Disco

Something Corporate

Jimmy Eat world


There’s more but I won’t continue.

My taste in music is in my opinion unique as is everyone else’s.

I love music and if anyone wants to show me a band or artist they think is good then I’m all ears.