Note: Word Press Faults

3 03 2006

I’d just like to point out a few things I’ve found hard to work out about this site and stuff I still don’t know. 

1. How do you get photos onto posts? (In large size so people can actually see them) 

2. When you type something in word press posts, and then suddenly you need to change it, once you have edited it the way it has been written the first time the presentation gets warped. Now I don’t know if I’m the only one with these problems or if other people are having trouble but it happens allot when I’m posting poems. 

3. Word press presentations are limited and they should let people design their own backgrounds and have a sense of individuality about their site. The specific choices we have are reused over and over again so when we go to check other people’s sites, it can become confusing whose site is whose. (Yes I know to read the names) 

4. Music and movies on the site. Word press either doesn’t allow people to put movies and music on their blogs or I just haven’t found a way yet. They allow animations but nothing bigger than the pictures we upload onto the little blue tables under the posts when we’re writing them. 

5. Most of the commands and ways of posting things are confusing. For example the Hemmingway options have funny boxes at the bottom describing how to set up the bottom toolbar on your site’s page. I tried this and it completely screwed up my site and to make things worse, working out how to fix it was hell.  

6. Dwelling on the limited site presentation choices. Word press should have different color settings different toolbar set ups and maybe even let you warp you own creation out of the original idea (yes I know they do for most). Maybe even have a program that lets you design you own front page with any theme you want. 

7. Difficult picture uploads. Word press allows you to upload pictures but shrinks them to a certain size. This becomes a nuisance especially if you just want to put a picture straight from a folder onto a post like you do when choosing a background for a computer. 

Here are my examples. 


See how the picture is smaller than normal size. 

Look what happens when I stretch it to make it bigger. 



 It blurs! 

Note that I have now also edited this post so it the writing looks weird then that is the fault of the site that I pointed out earlier. 

See my point. If anyone knows how to fix the problems I have listed please tell me! 





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