School Work Poem: After Your Gone

9 03 2006

After You’re Gone

Yesterday we spoke

Our last words

Replaying like

A broken record

I keep wondering

Our last conversation

Should have been

Something different

Truth never told

My secret I kept

I admired you

You never knew

I speak to you

You are gone

To far to hear

My final goodbyes

People you thought

Always hated you

Stood over your grave

Crying tears like rain

My bleeding regret

Of our painful farewell

Dirt falls down

Eyes burn with tears

Sobs and wails

Echo through time

A slower reality

Where cries last forever

Tears of sorrow

Each for you

Memory and love

We longingly remember

The cold air

Chills my skin

The unfamiliar essence

Of watching strangers

Your lost soul

Beyond oceans

Outside this world

Further than space

Memories of you

In heart and mind

Though we live

You live on




One response

12 03 2006
mr bartlett

Fantastic work C! You have clearly understood the format of a free verse poem and use it to cleverly and emotionally tell a narrative. You use language exceptionally well and have incorporated sensual words such as “chills” and “wails” as requested. I’m also very impressed (don’t worry, i haven’t been reading all of it!) by the volume of work that you seem to have on this site. It’s great to see someone putting their talents to such good use!

Come and see me for your (very good) grade when you get back.

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