Journal: My Holidays So Far

13 03 2006

Well I love the holidays.
What can I say the first 3 days have been interesting.
My sister invited her new boyfriend over and I made a fool of myself I won't say how though.
There are things I love about the holidays that I don't get during school terms. The idea my room can stay messy for a whole two weeks and another thing I love the idea of staying in my pajama's all day and then sleeping in a messy bed in the same cloths. Very unhygienic but fun.
This morning I got up at about 1pm and I had eggs on toast and ended up burning them and feeding them to the dogs. The dogs didn't mind but I don't know who I'm going to explain the smell of smoke.
I sat in my room for a while playing Nintendo then I moved slowly to the computer then to the kitchen LOL
I'm such a slob when I have nothing to do. I really should be practicing my Sax right now I have to have about 3-4 songs memorized before ANZAC day LOL I've only done 2.
Well as I said at the start I love the holidays so lazy LOL well I everyone is having as much fun as I am.
Enjoy Guys!




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