Memories: My Indestructible Stage

20 03 2006

These whole past 3 years have been so safe, secure and predictable. I’m starting to tire it.

There’s no more fun left. No more adventure. Everything is planned and boring.

I remember when I was younger if I was bored I’d think of something to do and I’d just do it.

If I wanted to take my shoes off and go running barefoot down a street I would. Yes the possibility of stepping on glass was there but it gave the activity a sense of danger like I had something to lose and that made me feel alive.

If I wanted to go climb up a wire fence and sit on top of a cricket net then I would.

When I was bored I would run to the highest point of hill and yell at the top of my lungs to the world. To let people know I was there.

I’d run across roads when the traffic lights hadn’t changed. I’d walk home in the belting down rain just because I could.

To get up in the middle of the night and dance on the ovals in the dark, like ghosts. To catch a bus and wait until the last stop before you get off.

To get purposely lost in a shopping mall and then try to find my way out again.

I miss those days.

The day’s where I cared more about living in the moment than planning things out.

Let’s say I’d be walking home and I’d suddenly just stop what I was doing and go sit down and read or I’d change direction to stop at a store on the way home that was completely out my way.

Walk home a different way that took 2 hours extra to reach my front door.

If I was out with friends I’d do something crazy and say ‘oh lets do this’. An example was when Honey B and I ran up escalators backwards and almost fell over. We got caught but it was fun.

Another time we had a sleepover with all the girls and we jumped off 5 mattresses and I almost got flung into a wall and the only reason why I did it was because it was fun.

To do something clearly just for the reason that you can.

Those are days I miss the most.

Those were the things I did to feel alive.




One response

18 05 2006

livin life tothe full doesnt need to be planned. go for it and do summit you hav always wanted to do, tell sum1 what you realy think of them, tella teacher to get fuckd, its all good. run insanely through a super market, who cares?! i like that you don’t think about things before u do them, just make sure it is not completely and utterly stupid and could get you killed. If you think of something stupid to do, give me a call, i would be happy to join in!

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