Story: The Shiver

5 04 2006


I’m standing in my hallway. It’s night.

I don’t know why I’m here.

What brought me to stand here at this very spot on this night but I am.

The cold slate floor under my feet sends signals of icy cold chills up my spine.

I look at the dark floor.

So dark that it looks as though I am floating in space.


The breeze from the open window forces my hair to brush against my neck.

The white thin streamy curtains flapped around in the breeze like ghosts in the night.

I started walking.

My footsteps were the only sound to break the silence in the night.

The image of myself, fading into the dark along with my soul, haunted by my thoughts that plunged and dug into my heart.

The only presence was the cold air and the sound of my foot steps echoing onwards through the house. The sound was there but at the same time the world was silent like a thought, like a dream.




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