The Spider Drama

11 04 2006

I know it's stupid to be afraid of something that for one is smaller than you and also can do less damage than a scrap on the arm, but here's the stupid drama of what happened to me 5 minutes ago.I was in the garage hanging folding up washing from the indoor line when I looked up and saw a massive huntsman above my head. Naturally I screamed and ran inside. He sent me back outside. So avoiding that particular area of the line I kept up my work until I took down one of the towels right next to the wall of the garage to reveal the biggest fricken huntsman I’ve ever seen bloody ugly thing too if you ask me. Now when I saw the giant thing it began to run. So once again I bolted back inside hysterical (the fastest I've ever run in my entire life I recon) ran straight to my room jumped into my bed and flung the covers over my face. Realising how stupid I must have looked I went back outside and got my brother to catch the spider.This is a photo of the spider I was so scarred of.

  I swear it looked allot bigger when I was freaking out! LOLOh also just to clear up any problems with the stupid time clock thing I posted this at 8:23pm. 




One response

12 04 2006

carly, dont worry about your fear. many people are scared too. that spider looks fucking freaky. id shit myself too if i saw it! love you long time! xxx

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