Insanity Is An Inspiration

25 04 2006

My world and its flow of time

Travels slow, fast or not at all

Concept of Past Present Future

 Backwards, forwards over and over


The sounds of silence

Thoughts spoken not heard

Insanity driven by people

Future inspired by rebellion


Feelings arise from fascination

Infatuation caused by possession

The emotions strung by events

Like a tear spread across eyelashes


Unique perspectives, ideas

Like fingernails grow and break

Seen from high, low, inside and out

Thrown away when no longer needed


Unknown created by fear

Imagination awakened by myth

Difference caused by ideas

Change feared by the unknown


 Existence is a preview of life

Blindly driven by want

Need drowning in fire

Fire corrupting our souls


Light exposing our world

What you want to see

Outline in the darkness

What the world could be





2 responses

28 04 2006

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your comment and your encouragement! Hmm, I really think your motto holds very true…You’re right… I should be living up to my own standards… Thanks. 🙂

And these poems are very beautiful! Keep up the good work!

15 06 2006

Wow. that is all i can say about this. WOW. so sad yet so true wow u have talent hun

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