Stereotypes And The Way They Affect Our Lives

26 04 2006

All our lives stereotypes lead and tell us the way we think people should dress and act.  This can affect the way we act around certain people and can have good or bad impression on that stereotype in general.

From a young age children are brought up the way their parents think children should be. This is a stereotype itself, the term ‘acting like children’ can be used to describe the way people act, therefore becoming a stereotype.   


Mainly television focuses on exposing and making fun of stereotypes.  Movies will always base their characters on stereotypes and over exaggerate them to the extreme, such as nerds, cheerleaders etc.

They also have ways of influencing the way we see a stereotype because we relate to that image and use it to label people in the real world.   

Being branded as a stereotype for some people can be a rather large problem in achieving the things you want from life.

A stereotype can stop people from getting particular jobs they want and in the past have stopped women from getting jobs all together.

Stereotypes are just empty shells of expectations that judge the way people think we should act.

An unfair representation of people in this world.




One response

27 04 2006

Damn straight! cum on, it seems that teachers and parents are sexist, wouldn’t you agree? keep it up, babe, maybe our opinions will be worth summit, when the world see’s that when women speak thier mind, they need to watch out, we bite hard!

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