Stereotpe Questions

28 04 2006

Q1. How do stereotypes impact on the lives of the characters in Bend It Like Beckham? Do they affect some of the choices they make?


In ‘BILB’ the characters are definitely affected by the expectations that stereotypes hand out. 

. Jess for example had heaps stereotypical situations that she had to confront and deal with. Her mothers ‘good housewife’ expectations have a grudge against her playing football and her father doesn’t want her dating an Irish boy.

. Jules’ stereotypical problems that arise for her are caused mostly by her mother wanting her only daughter to by a girly girl when her father has raised her to being a tomboy.

.Joe’s situations are caused from his longing to please his dad. Playing injured and trying to do well, the things that lead to his situation of coaching a girl’s team. He’s embarrassed by the fact but only for the reason that he still has issues with his dad not being proud of him.     


Q2. Do you think stereotypes like this exist in Australian society?


Yes and no, stereotypes such as girl should be in the kitchen and guys should be playing sport, doesn’t exist as strongly as it once was. Stereotypes do still exist from the influence of movies and news. It shows people that in schools ranks still exist that some people are higher in the social status and others are low and unimportant.  The main stereotypes I hear about are Goths, EMO’s and punk wannabee’s.


Q3. Write down a time you were confronted with a stereotype, when you had to behave a certain way.


The only time I was confronted with a stereotype was when I do drama plays and I have to change my personality to the character I’m faced with. In real life I don’t really worry about stereotypes, more or less I don’t really care about stereotypes.


Q4. Where do stereotypes come from, are the media responsible?


Stereotypes come from just random people. If they’re lucky then the stereotype will spread and become well known. It is the media that is responsible for expanding the stereotypes and influencing people’s idea on how they fit in society. A stereotype is a form of expression almost like a fad. Most stereotypes are common because people want to be different or they want to fit in because it’s cool.





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