The City Experience- Reflection and Evaluation

6 06 2006

The City Experience- Reflection and Evaluation 



Did you have trouble getting to the places you needed to be?

Sometimes, it depends on whether we knew where we were. Other than that I have to say, I hate Docklands!!!!!


Were the maps you had useful (did they help you find your way)?Not really, the photocopies made them hard to read but we only ever used them once. 

Did you work effectively as a team?

Yeah we were a great team I’d say. Working…….maybe just a little bit effectively…nah it was alright.


Which was your favourite activity?

The train ride. I loved getting there and going home. If I had to pick an activity then I’d say Queen Victoria Market.


What activities would you not do again?DOCKLANDS!!! I HATE the Docklands. The crossroads food was pretty gross too, I wouldn’t mix creams with spices again.  

What were the highlights of the City Experience for you?

The rialto elevator, 55 floors in just seconds, sickening (after crossroads!). The speed shopping at QVM.


What surprised you most about the city?

How clean it was. Our towns are local trash cans compared to that place.


What were the main problems you encountered?

Getting lost and people asking for money. One problem I had was not being able to find a Sanity shop and when I did they didn’t have any magazines left. L


If you organized the City Experience next year, what changes would you make?

No Questions. No Crossroads and I wouldn’t be organising it in the first place.


Explain why you did or did not enjoy the City Experience as a whole.

The assignments the before and after assignments I hated them! And now we have more! The questions ruined the entire experience for me but that’s just one opinion.

It was nice to get out of school though.




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