Day 1. City Experience. Spices, Creams and Hights Don’t Mix

9 06 2006

Day 1 31/05/016

City Experience


On the Wednesday we went to the city experience it was very cold that morning. We bought our train tickets for $5.50 for zones 1, 2 and 3.

The teachers tried to fit us all on the same carriage which was a memory flash back to new years eve, how full the trains were except it was just the one carriage. Most of us sat on the ground.

We got off a while later I’m not sure when. The group I was in (group 3) went through

Federation Square

to the Australian Centre of the Moving Image or ACMI. People made some jokes about the name sounding like acne but personally myself I found that place boring.

We next went to the Ian Potter Gallery. The place was pretty big and we got these little plastic chairs to walk around with so we could sit down whenever we needed to.

The place has so many artworks; the place must be worth millions!

After that we went to crossroads to get lunch. We got served rice with chicken pea casserole, which was kinda spicy and then we got a dumpling with custard.

Wasn’t the nicest mix we could have had.


We then went off in our small groups. So Darna, Sisi and I went off to our first assignment the
Rialto. We got lost at first when we finally did find the elevator everyone else was already up there. The elevator went up 55 floors in like 15 seconds; I swear I almost saw my Crossroads lunch again after that.

The adrenaline of being that high in the air was amazing and sickening because you could actually feel the building swaying in the wind.

Going back down the elevator was fun; we jumped so we felt like we were flying. Being on the ground was like trying to walk straight after spinning around in circles it made you feel so dizzy.


We then went to the

Museum. The place was cold and smelled a little funky, like a room that hadn’t been dusted for a good 50 years or so. We answered the questions not really sure which ones were what. Soon after we had to leave to get back to the station but realising we weren’t that far away from the station we had to wait there for a good half an hour before going back to school. So we went to McDonalds and Darna shouted us some 50 cent cones….well I think they were 50 cents I don’t really remember.


We then went home on the train and the rest of the day I felt sick to the stomach and a little dizzy from the


To be continued………………………….




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14 06 2006

i cant belive yuo still remember new years eve! fuck we had sum good time, babe. must do it again. we should go and get completely off our nuts!!!!!!!! đŸ˜€

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