Day 2. City Experience. Jails, Trams and God I Hate Docklands.

9 06 2006

Day 2 01/06/06

City Experience


Thursday was also a very cold morning same routine that goes on at the train station in the mornings. We wait we buy our tickets and then we catch the train.

We get off at flinders street station and then we went to the old
Melbourne jail it was very cold and the place was kinda creepy. The outside of the place was open and most of the jail had been taken down. However the place we did go to had small little rooms and some of the had mannequins in them that at first looked really real. The tours were quite interesting when I listened and of course all tours end with a trip to the gift shop because all places need to exploit things to make money when the historical values are what really matters.


After that we went off in our small groups to do our tasks for the day. Unfortunately it was difficult to find the Docklands because everywhere we went there were signs that said Docklands but it was eluding us the entire time we were stuck in some construction area and the air smelled really bad like sea water!. I also noticed that the city was very windy and very clean. But the fact we had so much trouble finding the place is why I HATE DOCKLANDS! The city circle tram was kinda boring and very noisy. After our not very eventful day we decided to head back early and we waited at the train station until it was time to go home.


The station had so many people. What is up with skinny leg jeans! They’re everywhere! I swear there are some strange people in the city like Sisi and I found some guy in a space costume dancing in the middle of the street. People come up to you and ask for money and I said to one of them I didn’t but then I went to a Hungry Jacks so I must have looked like a total B*%CH.


To be continued…………




One response

15 06 2006

HEY!!!! I like skinny jeans! 😦 Nah i luv ya! I want to check out ur poetry so send me the link pls!!!! I didn’t go to docklands so i was like sooooo glad!!! I had to go to St Kilda though! AGGGGGHHHH SLUT TOWN!!!!! i was scared it was ok though! I love you lots and lots and lots and lots and u don’t know who this is so i’m going to remain a mystery person and u can try and work out who i am. N i don’t think ur a B#*@$!!!!! Coz i love u. He Hee.
Love the ever mysterious Mystery Gal!

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