What Freedom Strives For

26 06 2006

The light is a comfort

Unlike the stale air

That suffocates our minds

While hidden in the dark

Don’t loose the opportunity

Run down that road

Broken glass everywhere

Rise above it all 

Clear your mind

Only so knew things

Grow and thrive

Hold onto your memories 

Never fear what can’t be feared

Your never alone

As long as your shadow

Is your angel 

Count down time

An eternity to be salt and sand

One of many the same

All individuals 

Be happy to be

The sun the animals

In this world

This existence 

Give me something

To think to love

To work with

A meaningful purpose

Let me live a life of

Inspiration and reason

Let me live a life of

Freedom and hope




One response

19 07 2006

Man i wish i had ur talent *wishes she had Carly’s talent*

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