My story plan for English

7 07 2006

Possible titles for my story:

Haze of Insanity

Dead and Dying In Heaven

After the Ripple Effect

Karma of the spinning wheel



The story of my choice is a horror. It contains the elements of fantasy, time and peoples beliefs of past and present lives, and how the past effects the present.

The ripple effect comes into this particular situation when one deadly mistake in a past life affects 4 teenage girls in the present.

By the time it’s too late one of the victims realises something is wrong and has to leave clues out for themselves in a next life before the tragic event happens again.





One response

19 07 2006

WOW that os soooooooooooooo cool! i will hav to read this story! Yep i love u babe. Ohhhhhhhh *anxiously awaits awesome story*

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