Raging Red Regrets

9 08 2006

The rain falling

The wind in my hair

The people pass by

Of my existence unaware


My heart is broken

Every beat with pain

The cold flowing through

My numb lifeless veins


This world is so big

Yet there is nowhere to hide

I’m lost in a world of pain

Never finding the other side


The water on my windowsill

The fog covering my eyes

The fan forever turning one way

Spinning around our lies


Sounds are loud and distant

Like a memory or a thought

Of crying and hurtful screaming

A fear that can’t be taught


Blinking to hide my eyes

Darkness a saviour protecting me

My voice desperately screaming

No sound joining the breeze


My life a never ending play

My character is dead

Condemned to live eternity

A life of seeing red


A fate so plain and terrible

The screams are still so clear

Heaven won’t take me

Hell is already here


Cursed to live the day

So clear impossible to forget

A soul so destroyed and broken

My heart of bleeding regret




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