People Are Afraid Of What They Don’t Understand. Yet What We Do Understand We Abuse

25 08 2006

It’s rather funny the way people act when they are sad or angry, drunk or shocked. I guess it’s how we tell if people are feeling these emotions or under these symptoms because the person is not acting like themselves. 

What is acting like yourself?

There is no such thing as normal because if your sad your not acting like yourself but then again if your happy your also not acting like yourself. I suppose that the basis of ‘one’s self’ is the main way they behave in day to day life. So is being yourself something that you define or someone else?

If someone else says “Your not being yourself today” then that means that you’re not acting the way that person see’s you. In essence you are always acting like yourself because you never stop being you.

So why try to be someone else? You can’t because no matter how much you try to change to be someone else you’ll always end up being you.




One response

26 08 2006

You bring up a very good point. there is no way to not be your self. but, i hope that i can change my self, to be come better, and a more fuilled person.

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