Synopsis and How My Mini Novel Is Going

25 08 2006

How my story is coming along…..well it’s not.

I’ve stopped writing for a while all together. Why have I done this…because I’ve found everything I write is in some way sick, twisted and disturbing so therefore I’m having a break from my story.


 My story so far is about 4 thousand words and that’s just the prologue. I spent two months planning the story and it has changed over 8 times. It started off as a remake of a story I wrote in Grade 6 called the ‘Life after Death’ which is about these four girls who die in a hurricane and when they are reincarnated they are cursed to die at the same age.

My story then changed from that to the same story line just instead of one past life it became a problem that killed them over and over and they just keep getting reincarnated but eventually they work out what’s happening and find some weird way to stop it. I then changed it to the cause and effect so what one girl did in her past life will be the cause of her death in the next life.

That idea was based off another story I wrote in year 8 called “Recurring Tragedy” it was after that I realised I needed a new plan and a fresh one, something completely different.

After that I dumped the whole story to put in a ‘ripple effect’ structure similar to the movie ‘Two hands’. I ended up dumping that story too but holding onto the idea.

Then eventually I worked on the problems in my original story so they made sense and I came up with the two page plan for my final copy of my story “If the Sky Were to Open Up”.


The new story it based on four people who a series of events happen to that leads up to the demise of the human race. So the events that happen to the first character will affect the second character and the second character does something that will affect the third and so on. It’s all very complicated and it took lots of screaming and frustration to finally finish a plan for my story so now I can write it.


Here is just one paragraph from my story to give you an idea of my style of writing:


My eyes adjusted to the dark and I saw Dad standing there with a gun in his hand. It looked just like the ones that
Roy and Jim next door played with.
I new instantly that this was different, I wasn’t stupid I had seen guns before but this wasn’t a toy, nor a game.“Don’t say anything you can’t try to trick me, I heard the planes I know they’re coming” He shouted. I looked at him confused.“Dad, what are you doing?” He shook his head around trying to shake off my words.“I’m not going die, I’m going to kill you before you kill me” He lifted the gun pointing to where I was sitting. His finger lay on the trigger waiting for the command.I suddenly felt a fear, a fear I’d never known before, a fear of death.“Dad…please….”




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