My Mini Novel Is Done. (Finally!!!)

17 09 2006

Yesterday I finally finished my mini novel. After stressing 4 months to write the plan and changing the actual story 7 or 8 times, then writing Character profiles for 1 1/2 months. I finished the first ‘full’ draft yesterday.

It’s the first story I actually got to the end of without loosing my way. It’s not perfect, I’ll probably keep editing and I may post the chapters on WordPress if people ‘want’ to read it.

The story is called ‘Opening Up The Sky’. It finished at 45 pages and 22,679 words. Like I said ‘quality over quantity’ (probably not spelt right). My story may bore some and fascinate others or completely confuse.




One response

15 10 2006

Congrats!. You better email me a copy so I can read it ^-^
‘Opening up the Sky’.. sounds so awesome and I just realised that I haven’t given my book a name yet and I handed it in o.O. Oops.
And I haven’t even finished it yet :(.
What I really want to do with my story is, when I have time (maybe next year?), I’m going to re-write the whole thing, make it into a proper book instead of a 23 page essay 😉
I’m so in love with my plot, I think I could really take it somewhere.
Maybe you should think about doing that with your story ^-^
Congratulations again, and yes, I have noticed that this post was made about a month ago.

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