Poem: Someone Please Watch Over Me

9 10 2006

Someone please watch over me 

I find it hurts to breath

Do you see me shake?

No of course you wouldn’t

No one see’s me at all


The air is freezing

Turning my blood to ice

Passing carelessly

My veins desolation


My eyes sting

Crying blood and tears

Their broken doors  

Held shut for so long


My tormented soul

Trapped in isolation

Someone free me

Help me! Let me out!


I fight heartlessly

Battles never won

Scream and kill

Shattering just a mirror


I need care

Safety of Comfort

Someone talk to me

Reassure me love me


My legs hurt

I can’t run anymore

I have to rest

Don’t leave me, please!


My shattered heart

Stone cold

Opened and broken

No glue no time


Don’t abandon me

Someone help me!

Bring me back to life





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