The Mighty Boosh

20 04 2007

The Mighty Boosh is my latest obsession. It is a British comedy created by Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding who both star in the show as Howard (Barratt) who is a bit of a nerd he claims to be a Jazz Poet and Vince (Fielding) a pretty guy who is obsessed with his hair, cloths/appearance and throughout the show is mistaken for a woman. During the series they dress up as different characters and sometimes look nothing like they do without the makeup.

They write all the songs for the show and they have a MySpace:

The show was a live performance before going on TV. The name for the show came about when Micheal Fielding (also staring in the show as Naboo the Shaman) got told that his hair, which was curly looked like a mighty bush (The ‘bush’ part sounded like Boosh).

They have two seasons with 8 on the first season and 6 on the second. The first season is in a zoo and the second one is in an apartment.

I love the show and recommend to anyone who loves comedy that is a little bit twisted, crazy and doesn’t have much sense that this is the show for you!

For more information and where I got my sorce from: 

 300mighty_boosh.jpg Howard and Vince

The Spirit Of Jazz (Feilding) Vince Talking To A Snake

Naboo Old Greggvinceandhoward.jpg amulet.gif Electro Booshmightybooshpic1.jpg Dancing Really?

boosh_large-774177.jpg  Noel (Sweet)  The Moon (Noel)

Noel       OLd Gregg 2

Vince Naboo TMB Panda thvincegroove9mv.gif Ghost Spider

Vince Love

Robots In Disguise Groove Opening Title

picture6.jpg 6045937.gif

boosh5.jpg thfeather.gif

Dunno ep3.jpg  I’m Old Gregg 9986.jpgboosh7.jpg


Robots  Mighty

“Tundra Rap”- Episode 4 Tundra Season 1

“Love Games”- Episode 5, The Legend Of Old Gregg

Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) Quotes

Naboo Quotes

Season 2- Episode 1 “Call Of The Yeti” running time- 27:38



The New Look To Only Ashes “May Angels Lead You In”

3 04 2007

My border

Anyone who has visited my site before would have seen my old dullish black background. I decided for my blogs one year birthday and for a new start that I was going to try a different look.

This way I can have my own border and people can view my posts without trouble of going through five different folders.

 So to everyone, enjoy.

Artwork Drawings Of “Me”

4 03 2007

The reason why all the following pictures are of me from different perspectives or ages is because if I screwed it up it was only of me and so I only had myself to be angry at.






My Sister, MySpace

9 02 2007

My sister is one of the most interesting people I know. I was on her Myspace and reading some stuff and I thought, well why not put a link to her page.

She has updates on bands like Panic! At the Disco and The Academy Is, The Hot Lies. She’s totally obsessed with music and hopefully will get on the radio soon.

My brother Paul also has a MySpace and his one is all about his Photography.

He takes photo’s of around Melbourne and I recon one day it will be his photo’s on the phone books LOL.

So this post is for my siblings because my life is too dull to have a MySpace so this one’s for them:

Laura’s Music Obsessed Page:

Paul’s Eye Of Melbourne Photography Page:

This Life

30 10 2006

My name engulfed in hard cement

Departing serenely another day

And make their hurting souls lament

So they can heal and washed away


Forgotten sentiment of the living

Outweigh emotions of the dead

And now the white gates are giving

No comfort no water no bread


If the darkness is at full extent

Banished me solitary from light

And my bleeding heart will repent

Fade away from feeling and sight


Despite our eternity will always end

Regardless of the impediment battle field

And demise will soon become our friend

The heavens and hell will yield


So when my conclusion comes with grace

Forget retribution and past harms

And death be marked with a face

Of a friend with open arms

Quotes For The Broken Hearted

15 10 2006

Quotes and Other Bits and Pieces That I’ve Written or Found


(The majority of them are mine)


1. “Sing the sorrow

Before tomorrow

Cry away

Before today

Feel the light

When in fright

Darkness as coal

Surround your soul

Do not cry

You did try

For whatever you do

I’ll be there for you” – Carly


2. “You can never break a broken person. You can only smash them more” – Carly


3. “Would you shoot an enemy? Would you shoot your best friend? What’s the difference?” – Unknown


4. “Words are unnecessary because they add nothing” – Unknown


5. “Dead and Dying In Heaven” – Old
Melbourne Jail


6. “For whatever we lose, like a you or a me, it’s always ourselves we find at the sea” – E.E Cummings


7. “For whatever we do, like force a tear to our eye, we become doves with wings, fly high fly high” – Carly


8. “Man is neither angel nor beast, and the unfortunate thing is that he who would play the angel plays the beast” –Blaise Pascal


9. “My eyes will look up to the stars once. But they will burn long after my eyes see no more” – Carly


10. ”It isn’t enough for your heart to break because everybody’s heart is broken now.”
-Allen Ginsberg

11. “I have no love in my life for I see no light and feel no warmth. My existence is a whirlpool of endless hopes and dreams” – Carly


12. “Regret for wasted time is just more wasted time” –Mason Cooley


13. “There dwell the children of the dark Night, the dread gods Sleep and Death” – Hesiod

Poem: Someone Please Watch Over Me

9 10 2006

Someone please watch over me 

I find it hurts to breath

Do you see me shake?

No of course you wouldn’t

No one see’s me at all


The air is freezing

Turning my blood to ice

Passing carelessly

My veins desolation


My eyes sting

Crying blood and tears

Their broken doors  

Held shut for so long


My tormented soul

Trapped in isolation

Someone free me

Help me! Let me out!


I fight heartlessly

Battles never won

Scream and kill

Shattering just a mirror


I need care

Safety of Comfort

Someone talk to me

Reassure me love me


My legs hurt

I can’t run anymore

I have to rest

Don’t leave me, please!


My shattered heart

Stone cold

Opened and broken

No glue no time


Don’t abandon me

Someone help me!

Bring me back to life