Why People Should Not Be Jealous Of My Holidays

2 10 2006

My reasons for my holidays being very uneventful is, I only did three things during the holidays. 

Most of the time I spent asleep and the other majority of the time I spent writing my Mini Novel.

I went to the Melbourne show and that was the highlight of my holidays besides Rachel’s party, that was a ball.  I went to the movies once because after the show I was broke.

I had fun and I caught up on some sleep that I had lost because of school.

Oh well better luck next time.


My Mini Novel Is Done. (Finally!!!)

17 09 2006

Yesterday I finally finished my mini novel. After stressing 4 months to write the plan and changing the actual story 7 or 8 times, then writing Character profiles for 1 1/2 months. I finished the first ‘full’ draft yesterday.

It’s the first story I actually got to the end of without loosing my way. It’s not perfect, I’ll probably keep editing and I may post the chapters on WordPress if people ‘want’ to read it.

The story is called ‘Opening Up The Sky’. It finished at 45 pages and 22,679 words. Like I said ‘quality over quantity’ (probably not spelt right). My story may bore some and fascinate others or completely confuse.

Synopsis and How My Mini Novel Is Going

25 08 2006

How my story is coming along…..well it’s not.

I’ve stopped writing for a while all together. Why have I done this…because I’ve found everything I write is in some way sick, twisted and disturbing so therefore I’m having a break from my story.


 My story so far is about 4 thousand words and that’s just the prologue. I spent two months planning the story and it has changed over 8 times. It started off as a remake of a story I wrote in Grade 6 called the ‘Life after Death’ which is about these four girls who die in a hurricane and when they are reincarnated they are cursed to die at the same age.

My story then changed from that to the same story line just instead of one past life it became a problem that killed them over and over and they just keep getting reincarnated but eventually they work out what’s happening and find some weird way to stop it. I then changed it to the cause and effect so what one girl did in her past life will be the cause of her death in the next life.

That idea was based off another story I wrote in year 8 called “Recurring Tragedy” it was after that I realised I needed a new plan and a fresh one, something completely different.

After that I dumped the whole story to put in a ‘ripple effect’ structure similar to the movie ‘Two hands’. I ended up dumping that story too but holding onto the idea.

Then eventually I worked on the problems in my original story so they made sense and I came up with the two page plan for my final copy of my story “If the Sky Were to Open Up”.


The new story it based on four people who a series of events happen to that leads up to the demise of the human race. So the events that happen to the first character will affect the second character and the second character does something that will affect the third and so on. It’s all very complicated and it took lots of screaming and frustration to finally finish a plan for my story so now I can write it.


Here is just one paragraph from my story to give you an idea of my style of writing:


My eyes adjusted to the dark and I saw Dad standing there with a gun in his hand. It looked just like the ones that
Roy and Jim next door played with.
I new instantly that this was different, I wasn’t stupid I had seen guns before but this wasn’t a toy, nor a game.“Don’t say anything you can’t try to trick me, I heard the planes I know they’re coming” He shouted. I looked at him confused.“Dad, what are you doing?” He shook his head around trying to shake off my words.“I’m not going die, I’m going to kill you before you kill me” He lifted the gun pointing to where I was sitting. His finger lay on the trigger waiting for the command.I suddenly felt a fear, a fear I’d never known before, a fear of death.“Dad…please….”

My story plan for English

7 07 2006

Possible titles for my story:

Haze of Insanity

Dead and Dying In Heaven

After the Ripple Effect

Karma of the spinning wheel



The story of my choice is a horror. It contains the elements of fantasy, time and peoples beliefs of past and present lives, and how the past effects the present.

The ripple effect comes into this particular situation when one deadly mistake in a past life affects 4 teenage girls in the present.

By the time it’s too late one of the victims realises something is wrong and has to leave clues out for themselves in a next life before the tragic event happens again.


Day 2. City Experience. Jails, Trams and God I Hate Docklands.

9 06 2006

Day 2 01/06/06

City Experience


Thursday was also a very cold morning same routine that goes on at the train station in the mornings. We wait we buy our tickets and then we catch the train.

We get off at flinders street station and then we went to the old
Melbourne jail it was very cold and the place was kinda creepy. The outside of the place was open and most of the jail had been taken down. However the place we did go to had small little rooms and some of the had mannequins in them that at first looked really real. The tours were quite interesting when I listened and of course all tours end with a trip to the gift shop because all places need to exploit things to make money when the historical values are what really matters.


After that we went off in our small groups to do our tasks for the day. Unfortunately it was difficult to find the Docklands because everywhere we went there were signs that said Docklands but it was eluding us the entire time we were stuck in some construction area and the air smelled really bad like sea water!. I also noticed that the city was very windy and very clean. But the fact we had so much trouble finding the place is why I HATE DOCKLANDS! The city circle tram was kinda boring and very noisy. After our not very eventful day we decided to head back early and we waited at the train station until it was time to go home.


The station had so many people. What is up with skinny leg jeans! They’re everywhere! I swear there are some strange people in the city like Sisi and I found some guy in a space costume dancing in the middle of the street. People come up to you and ask for money and I said to one of them I didn’t but then I went to a Hungry Jacks so I must have looked like a total B*%CH.


To be continued…………

Day 1. City Experience. Spices, Creams and Hights Don’t Mix

9 06 2006

Day 1 31/05/016

City Experience


On the Wednesday we went to the city experience it was very cold that morning. We bought our train tickets for $5.50 for zones 1, 2 and 3.

The teachers tried to fit us all on the same carriage which was a memory flash back to new years eve, how full the trains were except it was just the one carriage. Most of us sat on the ground.

We got off a while later I’m not sure when. The group I was in (group 3) went through

Federation Square

to the Australian Centre of the Moving Image or ACMI. People made some jokes about the name sounding like acne but personally myself I found that place boring.

We next went to the Ian Potter Gallery. The place was pretty big and we got these little plastic chairs to walk around with so we could sit down whenever we needed to.

The place has so many artworks; the place must be worth millions!

After that we went to crossroads to get lunch. We got served rice with chicken pea casserole, which was kinda spicy and then we got a dumpling with custard.

Wasn’t the nicest mix we could have had.


We then went off in our small groups. So Darna, Sisi and I went off to our first assignment the
Rialto. We got lost at first when we finally did find the elevator everyone else was already up there. The elevator went up 55 floors in like 15 seconds; I swear I almost saw my Crossroads lunch again after that.

The adrenaline of being that high in the air was amazing and sickening because you could actually feel the building swaying in the wind.

Going back down the elevator was fun; we jumped so we felt like we were flying. Being on the ground was like trying to walk straight after spinning around in circles it made you feel so dizzy.


We then went to the

Museum. The place was cold and smelled a little funky, like a room that hadn’t been dusted for a good 50 years or so. We answered the questions not really sure which ones were what. Soon after we had to leave to get back to the station but realising we weren’t that far away from the station we had to wait there for a good half an hour before going back to school. So we went to McDonalds and Darna shouted us some 50 cent cones….well I think they were 50 cents I don’t really remember.


We then went home on the train and the rest of the day I felt sick to the stomach and a little dizzy from the


To be continued………………………….

The City Experience- Reflection and Evaluation

6 06 2006

The City Experience- Reflection and Evaluation 



Did you have trouble getting to the places you needed to be?

Sometimes, it depends on whether we knew where we were. Other than that I have to say, I hate Docklands!!!!!


Were the maps you had useful (did they help you find your way)?Not really, the photocopies made them hard to read but we only ever used them once. 

Did you work effectively as a team?

Yeah we were a great team I’d say. Working…….maybe just a little bit effectively…nah it was alright.


Which was your favourite activity?

The train ride. I loved getting there and going home. If I had to pick an activity then I’d say Queen Victoria Market.


What activities would you not do again?DOCKLANDS!!! I HATE the Docklands. The crossroads food was pretty gross too, I wouldn’t mix creams with spices again.  

What were the highlights of the City Experience for you?

The rialto elevator, 55 floors in just seconds, sickening (after crossroads!). The speed shopping at QVM.


What surprised you most about the city?

How clean it was. Our towns are local trash cans compared to that place.


What were the main problems you encountered?

Getting lost and people asking for money. One problem I had was not being able to find a Sanity shop and when I did they didn’t have any magazines left. L


If you organized the City Experience next year, what changes would you make?

No Questions. No Crossroads and I wouldn’t be organising it in the first place.


Explain why you did or did not enjoy the City Experience as a whole.

The assignments the before and after assignments I hated them! And now we have more! The questions ruined the entire experience for me but that’s just one opinion.

It was nice to get out of school though.